About MIDC

Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) is an authority which develops the infrastructures required for development and growth of the industries in Maharashtra State. MIDC is having 16 Regional Offices established throughout the state and there are several industrial areas already developed and under expansion under each region. The water supply in these industrial areas is managed by MIDC, at present MIDC is producing 2461 MLD of water with a consumer base of 48826 units across Maharashtra.

Nagpur being the second capital of the Maharashtra State is a prominent region having 44 industrial areas within the region, also having Butibori Five Star industrial area among one of them. Butibori industrial area is developed in the year 1996 spread in about 2439Haares. MIDC Butibori is having variety of industries such as textiles, IT, chemicals, engineering, pharmaceuticals and of other nature. The total numbers of planned establishments are about 2631 Nos. and the requirement of water for the industrial area is about 48 MLD, which is being supplied from the Wadgaon Dam as a source. The water treatment plant is established on Butibori-Jam National Highway for the treatment of water and after the treatment water is supplied to the consumers through the Elevated Service Reservoirs (ESRs) situated at various locations within the area. The tariff of water has been decided by MIDC and operation and maintenance of the scheme is also being done the MIDC.

In the year 2015, looking at the pace the industrial area is growing, MIDC decided to take up the expansion of the existing Butibori area in order to facilitate more industries for the overall growth of the region. About 1500 Haares of land has been already acquired about 10 Kms south-East of the existing area on Nagpur-Hyderabad National Highway and development of infrastructures is also under progress. It was assessed that about 70 MLD water shall be required in addition to the existing 48 MLD water supply arrangement. The additional water demand of 70 MLD (25 MCuM) was conveyed to WRD for reservation in the Wadgaon Dam which is having a gross storage capacity of 270 MCuM as basic infrastructure of the existing scheme can be utilized, but as the water reservation in the said Dam is already absolute, the WRD communicated that water cannot be provided from the Wadgaon Dam. A preliminary report was prepared by WRD for allotment of 25.604MCuM water to MIDC and after checking the feasibility, it was communicated that proposed Nirgudi Barrage to be constructed across Wena River near Kandhli village situated on National Highway (No.44) having its primarily assessed capacity of 25 MCuM can be allotted to MIDC as a source. This site is approximately 12 Kms away from the proposed industrial area. The main advantage of this site is, it is nearby vicinity of the proposed industrial area as compared to the distance from existing source to the proposed WTP. The main focus of the project is to select sites for the proposed Barrage/ Barrages and the water supply accordingly. As the planning for the industrial area is already done, the locations of other components inside the campus are almost fixed but the detailed engineering of all the components, as well as their capacity calculations have been formulated as a part of this DPR.


The MIDC has approved the setting up of additional Butibori Industrial area vide its resolution Dated-----------------. MIDC have already constructed a water supply infrastructure within the existing Butibori Five Star Industrial area from Wadgaon Dam as a source. The salient features of this water supply project are as under.

Salient Features of Existing Butibori Industrial Area

a i) Planned 2439.22 Ha.
ii) In possession 2428.14 Ha.
iii) Possession yet not received 11.08 Ha.
iv) Developed out of Land in position 2409.22 Ha.
a Raw water rising main
i) Diameter of pipe line 1100 mm dia, 500 mm dia
ii) Type of pipe line M.S. Pipeline
iii) Length of pipe line 12.40 Km, 14.180 Km = 26.58 Km.
iv) Water lifted from (RL) 248.50 m.
v) Water lifted to (RL) 288.50 M.
vi) Design capacity of Rising main per day 61000 m3/day
vii) Present pumping / day 45000 m3/day
b Pure water rising Main
i) Diameter of pipe line 900 mm dia, 500 mm dia, 400 mm dia
ii) Type of pipe line M.S. Pipeline
iii) Length of pipe line 5.47 Km, 4.61 Km, 5.47 Km.
iv) Water lifted from (RL) 272.55 m.
v) Water lifted to (RL) 301.00 M.
vi) Design capacity of Rising main per day 61000 m3/day
vii) Present pumping / day 45000 m3/day
a Ground Services Reservoir
W.T.P. W.T.P. Wateghat
i) Capacity in Cum
5000 m3 5000 m3 5000 m2
ii) FSL RL in meter (GTS)
271.55 m. 271.55 m. 305.00 m
iii) Type of material in which it is constructed ( U.C.R / RCC)
R.C.C. R.C.C. R.C.C.
iv) Outlet invert levels
267.150 m 269.400 m. 299.00 m.
v) Average Ground Levels
271.970 m. 270.270 m 304.50 m.
vi) Year of Construction
2009-10 1993-94 1996-97
b Hill Services Reservoir
indl Area Wateghat R & C. Zone
i) Capacity in Cum
2000 m3 2000 m3 1000 m3
ii) FSL RL in meter (GTS)
308.70 m. 332.50 m. 302.00 m.
iii) Outlet invert levels
301.22 m. 325.00 m. 294.00 m.
iv) Average Ground Levels
276.00 m. 325.00 m. 294.00 m.
v) Height above the ground
18.00 m. 18.00 m. 18.00 m.
v) Year of Construction
1992-93 1996-97 1993-94
vii) Cost
26.32 Lakhs 43.15 Lakhs 22.89 Lakhs
Source Wadgaon DAM
i) Name of river through which Wenna River
water drawn
ii) Name of project of irrigation
Deptt. Though which water is released. Wadgaon DAM
iii) Quota sanctioned by
Irrigation Deptt. In MCM/year 19.18mm3/day Wadgaon
vii) Present pumping / day 45000 m3/day
-- do -- in Cum / day 4.81mm3/day Nand Dam
iv) Present drawl from source in Cum / day Max.45000m3/day Min 25000m3.day
v) Rate of Royalty paid per 10 m3 (1.60, 1.20, 0.60) 20 %
1) Area of Pump House 42.74 m2
2) No. of pump installed 250hpx4 nos.
3) Year of construction 1993/94
4) Capacity of Pumps installed 61000m3/day
in Cum per day. 1250 m3/day
5) Total H. P. of Pumps installed. 250 /2 Nos.
6) Position of stand bye. 100%
1) Surface loading 33.46 m3/m2/m
2) Dia. Of clariflocculator 26.50m.
3) Detention time 180 min.
4) Dia. Of flocculator 10.75 hrs.
5) Detention period 180 min.
1) Size of filter beds 9.00 x 5.00m 8 Nos.
2) Capacity of each filter. 324 m3/2/hrs
3) Rate of Filtration. 7.5m3/m2/hs.
4) Area of each Filter Bed. 45.00 m2
i) Capacity installed in cum /day 61000m3/day
ii) Year of construction. 1994 & 2009
iii) Dimension of pure water 51.96x30.47x3.15m = 5000m3
sump and it storage in cum. 10000m3
iv) Floor Slab Level of Pump house Slab RL-273.85 OUTLET.
v) H. P. pump installed. Slab RL-272.55 OUTLET.
Slab RL-272.15 OUTLET.
vi) H.P. of pumps required for 580hp x 30 Nos.
installed capacity of water works
vii) Capacity of transformers 500 KVA 4 ( 2standby)
installed in KVA

When the planning of additional industrial area started, it was decided to apply the additional water demand from the same source, the capacity of Wadgaon Dam id 241 MCuM, but as the area is growing very fast, the water resources department has conveyed MIDC that they cannot allocate water from the existing source of supply but an additional source has to be established which can cater the need of additional 25 MCuM (Annual) water (70 MLD). MIDC requested the WRD department to carry out prefeasibility of proposed intake point with a convenient location within the vicinity of the proposed area. WRD has sanctioned Nirgudi Barrage situated in the downstream of the Wadgaon Dam near village Kandhali earlier for irrigation purposes but due to very small command area left for irrigation due to the upcoming industrial area, WRD decided to allocate this water to MIDC as a water supply source. The preliminary investigation report has been given by WRD and sanction to lift water from the same barrage has also been accorded, which is the basis of selection of source of the scheme.

The MIDC has already planned this additional Butibori Industrial area admeasuring 1500 Ha, which is about 10 Kms away from the existing area on NH -44 towards the farther side of Nagpur i.e. Jam- Hinganghat side. The source i.e. Nirgudi Barrage near village Kandhali is also situated on this side itself about a distance of about 16 Kms from the proposed area. The alignment of the proposed rising main is having one major Railway Crossing and patch of initial length about a kilometer length from the rural fields and rest of the length coming along the four lanesNational Highway. The location of water treatment plant and ESRs are within the industrial area hence the main concern of the project is to finalize the location of Barrage/ Barrages and the location of the Jackwell on the banks of WennaRiver with minimumland acquisition. The concerned Departments like WRD, NH and Railways have already been contacted and procedure for permissions shall be conducted in parallel with the preparation of DPR as the capacity details are to be exercised first and then only the detailed application shall be processed.

Project Area

Additional Butibori Industrial area is located on toposheet no. 55 L/13, 55 L/14, 55 P/1 & 55 P/2. The proposed area is having an average elevation of 281.00 m above mean sea level. It is admeasuring about 1500 Ha. The land acquisition is complete and internal infrastructure development is under progress.

Vision & Concept

The vision set by MIDC is to develop a Greenfield industrial area with a concept of 3Rs i.e. Recycle Reuse and Regenerate. It is visualized that development of clusters having opportunities for local entrepreneurs as well as generating employment for local residents keeping a goal for advantage Vidarbha. The concepts also prioritize setting up of small, medium, large scale and mega industries for overall upliftment of the area with 5 star infrastructural amenities. It is further visualized to provide all the modern amenities in vicinity of the abundant resources to accelerate the growth of industries.

The additional Butibori industrial area would be:

Equipped with state of the art physical, social and economic infrastructure-providing the industrial area with high degree of urban convenience & cleanliness and thus with investor friendly environment

Linkages and Surroundings:

The site selected for Additional Butibori area is bound by NH 44 (Earlier NH-7) connecting Kanyakumari to Waranasi on the east and MH MSH-3 connecting Nagpur to Solapur on the west. The site also has good railway connectivity on account of the Mumbai-Howrah line in close proximity. Brief details are given below:


There are two major roads surrounding to additionalButibori industrial area to enhance its easy and quick proximity at any direction.


The region is connected to Waranasi via Nagpur, Jabalpur towardsNorth East. It connects Kanyakumari via Hyderabad in the south.


This state highway connects Nagpur with Wardha, Nanded, Latur up to Solapur. It delineates the waste side of the proposed ABIA.

AH-46 :

The earlier NH-6 now became the Asian Highway AH-46. This highway passes through Nagpur about 23 Kms away from ABIA it connects Mumbai via Amravati, Akola and Nashik whereas on the eastern side it connects Kolkata via Raipur and Sambalpur

NH-69 :

This national highway links Nagpur with Delhi via Bhopal, Jhansi and Agra. Thus the main linkages to Additional Butibori Industrial Area are

NH-44 and MH-3.

In addition to this there are many roads existing and proposed like the outer ring road of Nagpur which is the main linkage to connect with most of the cities.


The region is having a very good connectivity by railways. The main Mumbai- Howrah railway line passes through Butibori, Borkhedi. Major oil depots are located just besides the ABIA near Borkhedi.There is a junction pointat Wardha which bifurcates two major lines one to Chennai, Banglore via Hyderabad and another to Mumbai the capital city of Maharashtra and the economic capital of India. Another junction point is Nagpur which bifurcates one line to Delhi via Bhopal, Jhansi and Agra whereas another line goes to Kolkata via Gondia, Raipur and Rourkela.

For the overall development of Nagpur, ambitious MAHA METRO project is also nearing to completion which will add to the easy and fast approach to all the outskirt suburbs with the main city thus releasing the stress on road traffic.


Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International airport Nagpur is situated just 25 Kms away from ABIA. In addition to this the biggest advantage for development of industries i.e. CARGO MIHAN is being developed as the biggest cargo hub in Asia having connectivity to the entire Globe. MIHAN has already started its operation and as Nagpur is the almost centre of India, it is becoming one of the most preferred trade hub of India. A helipad is also constructed by MIDC for easy connectivity at the existing Butibori Industrial Area.